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As a feminist-religionist, I hold that the Goddess is the overseeing intelligence that has created the universe.  I am Woman therefore I hold that the God is Woman also.  I know only Woman.  I can't know men in the same manner.  I can't relate in any way to men as I do to Woman.  I can't love him in the same way. I do not know the physical world in the same way that man does.  Although I do not discount the impact of the God on my reality, a Woman is my Ultimate Reality.   She is Whom I emulate.   My creativity should be no less than Hers.

The aim of each being is to reach the realm of the Goddess; the sphere of Ultimate Creativity and Reality.  The scope of the Goddess is complete unity with the body and mind of yourself.  It is complete unity with the body and mind of the society in which you live also.  The sphere of the Goddess includes not only your responsibilities to yourself and to society but to nature. 

To be within the element of the Goddess means that you must be alive and aware.  You must be aware of what is going on in and around your physical and mental body.  Being alive and aware is being cognizant and sensitive and, as sharing, is communication and is necessary in building character and having fun.  Conversely, sharing and having fun is being cognizant and sensitive and alive and aware.  Enlightenment means:  "lighten up - have fun".  To be within the sphere of the Goddess you must use what is available from the reality in and around you 100%.  You must communicate it 100% to the reality in and around you.


"As above, so below."

Well-come to my website.  Blessed Be All, and have you a fun full day!


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