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Hand Fasting

Hand Fasting


Form the Magick Circle in the usual way.  The High Priestess purifies everyone present or they purify themselves as they see fit.  The couple perform the ritual of the Drawing Down of the Moon.  They will have decided beforehand which Woman of the couple will play which part of the ritual.  At the completion of the Drawing Down of the Moon, the couple gives each other the Five-fold Salute.  The other Woman guests pretend that they are trees, rocks, and household objects; that they are ordinary everyday items.  They are to remain frozen in place just like in the childhood game of "Freeze" where everyone stands frozen in place until someone touches them. 

Together the couple go round the Circle giving life to the Woman-items around the room by embracing the item-Woman and then telling her how much they love each other.  When they "find" a Woman, the Woman must tell the couple what it is in life that she is representing.  They are to share as a group what the representation means to each of them.  She is to then join as a member of the group that is following the couple around the room.  The couple continues picking up objects and friends as part of their life together as a couple. 

The couple must complete three circles of the room, so they should select every third Woman as they "find" them.  When they have found everything-everyone they are to return to the Altar and face it, kneeling.  Everyone else stands. 

The High Priestess comes from behind, goes between, and then turns to face them.  She then asks the couple to stand and face each other.  She ties the right wrists together in front of them and then ties the left wrists together over the right wrists.  The High Priestess uses two red ribbons, each about six feet or longer, one for each pair of wrists.  She ties the wrists with the center of the ribbons leaving the ends hanging. 

Then, taking up the left ribbons in her right hand and the right ribbons in her left hand, she raises the hands of the couple above their heads.  She causes them to touch all points of their bodies to each other while standing toe to toe.  They then repeat after the High Priestess the Oath of Handfasting that they will have created themselves before the wedding. 

The High Priestess will tie the ribbons together in one knot at the end and then let go of it.  The couple will remain standing with their arms in the air, palms touching, and tell each other what they want their love to know about themselves.  They may tell each other how much one loves the other, or better yet the first thing that comes to mind.  Do not have them prepare communications for this part of the ritual. 

The High Priestess will purify the two Poppets that the couple made seven days before the Handfasting.  Each partner will have made one in the likeness of the other partner and will have slept with the Poppet for the seven days preceding the Handfasting.  They will not have been sleeping or having sex with one another for the seven days before the Handfasting.  The High Priestess will give each Poppet the Five-fold Salute and then will name each its proper name.  She will then give each Woman the Poppet that they have made, placing it in their right hand.  They will breathe life into the Poppet by blowing on it.  Then they say a prayer to indicate that they are giving birth to their love with the use of the doll.  The couple then exchanges poppets with their left hands; giving them back themselves. 

The High Priestess takes up the knotted red ribbon and leads them around the Circle three times, clockwise, still holding the Poppets and still bound.  They return to face the Priestess and the Altar. 

The youngest Woman gives the wreaths to the High Priestess.  She consecrates them and places them on the couples' head.  The youngest Woman, or anyone who is good with crafts, makes the wreaths from the flowers that the friends have brought to the Handfasting.  She makes it before the Handfasting to have the most beautiful and sharing of all possible wreaths.  The High Priestess says:


The High Priestess places a broomstick in front of them saying:


She then moves out of the way as they jump over it into a new life.  They embrace and kiss strongly.  The High Priestess takes up the broom.  She sweeps the floor clean of all the flower petals that the youngest member has strewn on the floor just before the Handfasting began.  She sweeps them outside of the area of the Circle from the center outward to sweep the life of the couple clean before they take another step. 

Present the couple to the Goddess at the four Quarters of the room as a couple.  Then present them to everyone present in turn in a clockwise direction.  Clockwise is the way of growth.  The youngest member unties the knots and gives each Woman a ribbon.  Everyone must then leave the room, or if the friendships allow, they can stay, but the couple should then make love to each other in the Magick Circle. 

When the couple has completed making love to one another they are to tie the red ribbon to the Poppets' left hand.  Then they will bind the two Poppets together with the red ribbons and save them.  If they ever wish to separate they must cut the red ribbons and burn the Poppets together and notify the High Priestess. 

The Reception can start now.  Bring out the cakes, the band and the party.  Blessed Be.