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Autumn Equinox


In past ages people killed the Year King and spread his blood or ashes on the fields.  They did this to provide fertility for the earth population for the coming year.  His blood was the fertilizing medium.  The earth was the womb.  Today people lay in storage the seeds for next years' crops.  Most department stores complete inventories during this month and prepare for spring sales and fashions. 

Those of the Third Degree construct a Divination Urn.  Create a new jar every year.  You do this so you don't become attached to it and it doesn't become attached to you.  We reuse the jar but throw out the contents.  This urn contains the traditional Jinn in a Jar.  I like to think that I am incarnating one of my female ancestors within the jar.  You send the jar Jeanie out to fetch and to do your general business.  Since I consider the contents as one of my ancestors, I approach the addressing of the Jinn in a respectful manner.  Give the Jinn a new name or at least a new spelling of the old name.  Give her a birth date and a death date that should not exceed a year and a day. 

At any time after the Joining but before today, the Witch should choose a jar about one pint or larger that has a lid.  It does not have to fit tightly.  My jar is ceramic.  The youngest member of the Third Degree bakes a wheat bread or cake.  She bakes it in the shape of a penis with testicles since she was the last born with the use of mans fertilizing sperm.  She should make it large enough to fill the urn of every Third Degree Witch.  The urn represents the earth, mother Goddess.  The fresh baked bread is representative of the child that results of that copulation.  When the bread is broken and shared among the Third Degree Witches present and placed in the urn it becomes an ancestor.  The young bake this bread to indicate that even they have something to teach us. 

At the time of the Circle, place the bread penis upon the Altar.  Also place a picture or figure of a man upon the Altar.  It should be a figure of what you admire in men; fathers, brothers, runners, musicians, etc. 

After the Dance, the Witches under Third Degree are to sit at the edge of the Circle facing out.  They are not to view or participate in this part of the Circle ritual.  Each third Degree Witch is to grasp the bread between them as they sit in a circle before the Altar.  They are to say what they admire about men.  After each Witch has completed her say, she is to say:


Each Witch is to take enough of the bread to fill her jar.  As she does so she is to talk about the being that she is creating.  She is to consider the Jinns attributes and its abilities.  She is to imagine as well how it will appear if she was to meet it on the street one day.  At the capping and laying aside of the jars, the Handmaiden says to rouse the Coven to the Drawing Down of the Moon:


Repeat the Dance and follow it by the actual Drawing down the moon. 

Autumn Equinox


  1. Diana
  2. Diana rules the planet Mars. 
  3. Today is the day for making the divination urn. 
  4. She governs the North-west wind and direction. 
  5. The numbers 3, 6, 12 and 24 belong to Her.
  6. The Autumn Equinox, September 21, is the Harvest Home. 
  7. Diana is Understanding, but she can bring or cause war, mortality, death and combustion.
  8. Although beautiful, she can cause infirmity or health. 
  9. To those who request it, she will give two-thousand soldiers at a time.
  10. Earth is under the Dominion of Diana. 
  11. Her day is any day. 
  12. Her transcendental morality is silence and devotion to the Great Work.
  13. The symbols for Diana are the house and the fish. 
  14. She governs the Sphere of Saturn, Sol, Mercury and the water and taste of Scorpio.
  15. She is the Sanctifying I, the I of Mediating Influence, the I of Transparency, and the Imaginative I.
  16. Within the Tarot, She is the 4 threes, the 4 Queens, the 4 sixes, the Emperors or Princes, the Juggler and Death.
  17. She prefers the colors of crimson, clear pink rose, yellow and green blue.
  18. Her other names and aspects are:

              Egyptian: Maut, Isis, Nephthys, Asar, Cynocephalus, 
                   Hammemit, Khephra, Ra, Thoth, Apep, Typhon 
              Hindu: Bhavani, Prana as Force, Yoni, Vishnu, Krishna,
                   Rama, Hanuman,
    and Kundalini
              Scandinavian: Frigga 
              Greek: Cyble, Demeter, Rhea, Here, Aries, Iacchus,
              Apollo, Adonis,
              Roman: Juno, Cyble, Saturn, Hecate, Apollo, Mercury,

  19. As the perfected Woman, she is the Disk of Ra (the face), the neck, the breast, the hips, belly and back.
  20. Her animals are the phoenix, lion, swallow, ibis, ape, scorpion, beetle, lobster or crayfish and the wolf.
  21. Her plants are the cypress, opium, poppy, acacia, bay, laurel, vine, vervain, palm, herb mercury, marjoram and cactus.
  22. She wears as precious stones the star sapphire, pearl, topaz, yellow diamond, opal, agate and the snakestone.
  23. Diana's magickal weapons are the Yoni, the outer robe of concealment, the pentacle, star and the wand.
  24. Myrrh, civet, mastic, white sandal, mace, storax, all fugitive odors, Siamese benzoin, list the perfumes that She wears.
  25. The vegetable drugs that Diana uses are belladonna, alcohol, digitalis, coffee, all cerebral excitants and pepper.
  26. Silver and mercury are Her mineral drugs. 
  27. Diana's magickal powers include the Vision of the Harmony of Things, Miracles of Healing, the Gift of Tongues, Knowledge of the Sciences and Necromancy.
  28. The Truth starting with the words:

I am an egg
    of the Universe Fire and Air
Choice and freedom
    are my gifts to you
I am life shining

September 22, Autumn begins.  AUTUMN is the season, in the northern hemisphere, between summer and winter extending from the September equinox to the December solstice.  It is also called FALL.  Fall is a period of maturity or incipient decline of life.