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Perform initiations on Beltane (May Day - May 1st), or on Mothers Day. Beltane is the time to spring forth, rise up, and start something new. Beltane is the time for decision, for making of laws and goals for the coming year.

If not performing initiations, then the following is in order. At the beginning of the Circle stack the Riding Poles against one another like Teepee poles. Construct the Circle so there is room to move around them without disturbing them. They represent new constructions. At the completion of the Circle the Witches retrieve their poles. As each Witch does so she must go to stand before the Altar and state her individual goal for the season.

The High Priestess completes the session with her statement and the reading of the Coven goals. Decide upon these goals beforehand. Then, everyone sits astride their poles hobby-horse fashion, rides them while holding the goals in their imaginations to the chant of:



      1. Ariadne
      2. Her day is Thursday.
      3. Jupiter is Her planet.
      4. The South wind and the South direction are under Her dominion.
      5. Ariadne rules the Air.
      6. Her rule commences May 1 and ends June 20.
      7. She is the Lady of the Heavens.
      8. Beltane is May 1.
      9. Numbers 1, 11 and 22 are under Her control.
      10. Strength, Kingdom and the Hand are Her invoking symbols.
      11. The Sphere of Mars, the Elements and Virgo is under Her  influence.
      12. She is the Radical I, the Resplendent I, and I of Will and the  Faithful I.
      13. Ariadne represents the 4 fives, 4 tens, the Empress, the Princess, the Hermit and the Fool in the Tarot.
      14. She prefers orange, yellow, green, yellowish green and bright pale yellow.
      15. As the Perfected Woman, She is the arms, the buttocks and the anus (the Eye of Hoor).
      16. Her other names and aspects are:

             Hindu: Yama, Vishnu, Varruna-Avatar, Kundalini.
             Scandinavian: Valkyries, Thor.
             Greek: Zeus, Aries, Hades, Psyche.
             Roman: Mars, Ceres, Adonis, Jupiter.
      17. She is the Vision of the Higher Self.
      18. The ox, eagle, elephant and any solitary person or animal.
      19. The oak, nettle, willow, lily, ivy, snowdrop and the narcissus are her favorite plants
      20. She prefers to receive and give rubies, rock crystals, emeralds and flecked gold.
      21. She wears as perfumes tobacco, narcissus and saffron.
      22. As vegetable drugs Ariadne will use nettle and corn.
      23. Her partiality in mineral drugs is towards sulfur and iron.
      24. Calling upon Her name will give you invisibility.
      25. She is the Vision of Power and Initiation.
      26. Ariadne's transcendental morality is energy and skepticism.
      27. Her jurisdiction covers divination.
      28. The Dagger and the Fan are her tools.
      29. She rules anything in triplicate.
      30. She handles the formative world.
      31. Since She is the governess of the air, she rules smell and the respiratory organs as well as breath, speaking and thought.
      32. Ariadne can adjust sterility through justice and equilibrium.
      33. The Truth beginning with the words:

        You call me Ariadne
                     Lady of the Heavens
                             new concepts
                             new attentions
                             new life  


As stated at the start if this section, perform initiations, a rite of recognition, on Beltane (May Day) or on Mothers Day.

Beltane, May 1, MAY DAY, is celebrated as a springtime festival, and in some countries as Labor Day. In these countries Labor Day is a day set aside for special recognition of the workingman. Labor Day in America and Canada is celebrated on the first Monday in September as a legal holiday.

MOTHERS DAY is celebrated in the United States by honoring motherhood and giving presents to mothers. It was first observed in 1907 in Philadelphia, and was established nationally in 1914 by an act of Congress. MOTHERS DAY is always the 2nd Sunday in May and is appointed for the honoring of Mothers.

May Day has been traditionally celebrated among the Latin and Germanic peoples for many centuries. Festivals on this day probably stem from the rites practiced in honor of Flora, the Roman goddess of spring. This day is currently celebrated as a festival for children marking the reappearance of flowers during the spring. It is traditionally greeted with joyous dancing around a May-pole. The May-pole is hung with streamers held by dancers as they perform. May Day is also celebrated in many European countries as a labor holiday, comparable to the American Labor Day.

May Day was especially significant in the former Soviet Union and still is in present Communist countries. Formal labor observance of the holiday was and is almost mandatory. Both in Europe and in the U.S., May Day probably dates from the celebration by the first congress of the Second International, and international assembly of socialist and labor parties convened in 1889.