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This holiday is in celebration of plenty. It is a day for the honoring of the Goddess of the Sea, the giver of life, the Creatress of abundance. Picnics and feasting are in order today. Lay out plenty of fruit in imaginative displays. Construct corn and wheat cakes and breads in animal and people shapes. Salads should be everywhere.

Before the feasting, enact the Meeting Dance. Each Woman carries her empty Cup. She dances in a spiral towards the center of the Circle. The High Priestess stands there in front of the cauldron that is filled with hot wine. She holds a dipper in her left hand and as each Witch passes her, she fills their cup and places a kiss upon their lips while saying to them:


The Witches should recite the words for the Dance or the words for the Witches Rune while spiraling. Continue the Circle at the Drawing Down of the Moon. The food Libation is next.



  1. Britomartis
  2. August 1 in honor of the Sea Mother, the Sea Goddess.
  3. This holiday celebrates sex and love in the life of the Goddess.
  4. She rules the spheres of all elements especially water.
  5. She is Virgo of the zodiac.
  6. Britomartis is the Resplendent I and the I of Will.
  7. She governs the numbers 2, 4 and 8.
  8. Her cards within the Tarot are the 4 tens, the Hermit, the Princesses and the Empress.
  9. Her colors are yellow, green, yellowish green.
  10. As the Perfected Woman, She is the hair.
  11. In the field of Buddhist meditations She is Nothing, Space, Consciousness and the Body.
  12. She is the vision of the High Self.
  13. Her other names and aspects are

             Egyptian: Amoun, Nuith, Isis, Nephthys, Isis (as the Virgin) and Osiris
        Hindu: Lakshmi, Kundalini, Aum  
        Roman: Ceres, Adonis 
             Santeria: Yemaya

  14. Britomartis rules Monday and Friday.
  15. She rules the West wind and direction.
  16. Any sea animal or bird is under Her jurisdiction.
  17. Her favorite plants are the Willow, Lily, Ivy, Snowdrop, Narcissus and the Lotus.
  18. The stones that She wears are the Opal, rock crystal and salt.
  19. Water in all forms comprises her magickal weapons.
  20. Narcissus is her perfume and reflects Her habits.
  21. She maintains control over corn and all aphrodisiacs.
  22. Her mineral drugs are sulfur, carbon and salt.
  23. Her magickal powers include the Vision of the Guardian Angel or of the Goddess.
  24. She has an affinity towards figures related to pure number such as the Altar, the Double Cube, the Cross and the Star.
  25. Skepticism is her transcendental morality, along with devotion, obedience and truthfulness.
  26. Britomartis is wisdom, mercy, splendor, the Illuminating I, Receptacular I, the Absolute or Perfect I and the Triumphal or Eternal One.
  27. Within the Tarot, She is the 4 twos, the 4 fours, the 4 eights and the Hierophant.
  28. Britomartis prefers pure soft blue, deep violet, violet purple and red orange.
  29. She is the Disk of Ra (the face), the arms sexual organs, the hips and legs and the shoulders.
  30. She can affect a cure of insanity, dropsy, nerve troubles and indigestion.
  31. She gives love, red gold, pearls, rubies, deceit, hindrances, hail and fire as well as death by water. She can break anything,  restores peace, pleasure, darkness, swiftness, dominion, perfected work and rest from strife.
  32. The Truth beginning with the words:

I am the clear green of water
        and the green waving new grass
                The wine of the pasture
                        To be reborn
                                I am the new seed

Lammas, the first harvest, is celebrated on August 1, the eighth month of the Gregorian calendar. The word AUGUST means to increase, marked by majestic dignity or grandeur. This is approximately when fruit and seeds become ripe and are, in nature, dropped to ensure the next growth and harvest.