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On Samhain, we usually have a huge party and invite everyone that we know.  To prepare for the party, we Open the Circle early before everyone arrives and leave it to dissipate in the morning.  Complete the following part of the ritual at the party with your friends. 

The hostess calls everyone to silence by passing candles into the crowd and telling everyone that the ritual will begin soon.  When there is silence, she introduces herself and then introduces the High Priestess.  The High Priestess tells everyone to put one hand on the shoulder of the person next to her, forming a line.  The Handmaiden goes around and lights the candles from the maiden Candle as the High Priestess continues to counsel the group.  She tells them about Halloween, as:

"This is Halloween, the traditional day of spooks and goblins, little children looking for treats, and Witches.  There are several Witches present here tonight.  (Introduce those that will assist, along with their rank.) We would like to give you the opportunity to participate in a Witches Sabbat.  Right Now.  Right Here. 

Those of you who do not wish to participate please remain standing against the walls.  Everyone else please form a line.  We will light the candles and proceed to chant while we move in and out of every room in this house.  We will bless it and give it some of the good vibes that we all have.  When you are moving in and out of each room please imagine the same type of room in your own home.  Imagine all of us going through your home in the same manner blessing it as we go.  The words for the chant are:


At the completion of the movements through the rooms, the hostess brings the rite to an end:

"Thank you for blessing my home.  Thank you for allowing me to participate in blessing your home.  So mote it be."

Turn the music on and continue the party.  Offering food is a good way to get it going again.  If you are not having a party, then continue the rite at the Dance, after you've walked around your own home blessing it. 



    1. Ondrastia
    2. Feast of the Dead, Samhain Eve, Halloween
    3. October 31st.  Her rule commences.  Ends at December 20th. 
    4. Saturn and Mercury are her planets; cold and hot. 
    5. The numbers 1, 9, 18 and 36 are Hers. 
    6. Ondrastia is the crown of anything.  She is a lover of splendor, pomp and circumstance.
    7. Her sphere of influence is touch in any form. 
    8. She conveys hidden intelligence. 
    9. Ondrastia is the absolute and perfect I.  She is the Triumphal and Eternal being; the One who wins in the end.  She is the Governing being, I. 
    10. She rules the Tarot Cards: 4 Aces, 4 Eights, Hierophant and the Universe along with the Queen of Coins.
    11. She is brilliant color; violet purple, red orange, indigo, yellow, olive, russet and black. 
    12. Ondrastia's other names or aspects are:

      Egyptian: Ptah, Asar Un Nefer, Hadith, Anubus, Asar

      Ameshet Apis, Sebek, Mako, Ahapshi, Nephthys,

      Ameshet, Thoth, Osiris. 

      Hindu: Parabrahm (or any other whom one wishes to please), Hanuman, Shiva (Sacred Bull), Brahma. 

      Scandinavian: Wotan, Odin, Loki

      Greek: Zeus, Iacchus, Hermes, Here, Athena, Demeter, Hera.    Roman: Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Ceres. 

      Santerian: Oya  

    13. Ondrastia is the Perfected Woman, the Disk of Ra (the face), Nuit (the hips and legs), Ba-Neh-Tattu (shoulders), Apu-t (right ear), the bones.
    14. Her animals are: The Goddess, Hermaphrodite, jackal, Bull (cherub of earth), Crocodile.
    15. Her plants: Almond in flower, Ash, Mallow, Cypress, Hellebore, Yew, Nightshade, Oak, Ivy, Mastic. 
    16. The Perfumes that she wears are: Ambergris, Storax, Asafetida, Indigo, Sulfur and all evil odors; all dull and heavy odors.
    17. Ondrastia wears Diamonds, Opals (especially Fire Opals), Topaz, Onyx, and Salt.
    18. Her magick weapons are the Swastika, the Names of the Goddess and the Labor of Preparation, a Sickle, the Pentacle or Salt.
    19. Elixir Vitae, and Sugar are her vegetable drugs. 
    20. Her mineral drugs are: Mercury and lead. 
    21. Her magickal powers include: Union with the Goddess (sex), Visions of Splendor (imagination), the Secret of Physical Strength (exercise), Works of Malediction and Death, Alchemy, Geomancy, Making of Pentacles.
    22. She governs the Material World in the areas of the North.  She governs the North Winds.
    23. Her day is Sunday. 
    24. She gives all sorts of metals to those who desire them. 
    25. She reveals all types of earthly arts past, present and future.
    26. She pacifies judges and gives victory in war. 
    27. Ondrastia teaches all manner of arts past and present. 
    28. She changes bodies mixed of elements conditionally, out of one thing into another.
    29. Ondrastia gives health as well as infirmities. 
    30. Ondrastia can bind or loose spirits at her bidding. 
    31. She also opens locks and bolts. 
    32. The Truth beginning with the words:

        Nightshade, Diamond, Salt
        Empress of the Universe  

Halloween or Samhain Eve, October 31, brings in the New Year and the return of the dead from the underworld.  The word Halloween is a noun and is short for All Hallows Even.  Children observe Halloween with festivity and the playing of pranks during the evening. 

HALLOWEEN or ALL HALLOWS EVE, is the evening of October 31.  Samhain (Halloween) precedes the Christian feast of All Saints.  Halloween is believed to have originated among the ancient Druids.  They believed the Lord of the dead, Saman, called forth hosts of evil spirits.  The Druids lit great fires on Halloween to ward off those spirits. 

Halloween was the last evening of the year for the ancient Celts.  It was regarded as a propitious time for examining the portents of the future.  They also believed that the spirits of the dead returned to their earthly homes on that evening.  When the Romans conquered Britain, they added to Halloween features of the Roman harvest festival held on November 1.  This new Halloween was in honor of Pomona, Goddess of the Fruits of trees. 

The Celtic tradition of lighting fires on Halloween survives still in Scotland and Wales.  The concept of ghosts and witches is still common to all Halloween observances.  Traces of the Roman harvest festival survive to the present, in the custom of playing games involving fruit, such as ducking for apples in a tub of water.  Similar in origin is the decorative use of jack-o'-lanterns that are carved to resemble grotesque faces, also to ward off evil, lit by candles placed inside, and placed outside the entrance to the home.