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Summer Solstice


On the day of the Summer Solstice, we gather with as many friends as possible. Each Witch says to a woman of her choice and receives the same words in return when she arrives at the party:


Punctuate it with kisses. Leave a silver dollar, representing the sun, with the hostess as a gift money-spell for the next year to increase the household wealth. The women leave them with the hostess as they enter the party area.

If you are having a stationary party, indoors or out, then just before the Dance, form a Circle and sit or kneel around the Altar. Then as the women roll the Pentacle around the Circle, they are to turn to face the Witch on their left and greet her with the words above. They kiss to complete the spell and then pass the Pentacle on.

Each Witch then takes and blesses a silver dollar from the pile left earlier with the hostess and returns it to the pile. As she leaves for home at the completion of the Circle, she is to take a silver dollar. She will spend it fast on the first item she needs to buy, silently blessing it as she pays for her item.

Summer Solstice


    1. Sappho
    2. June 21, Summer Solstice, in honor of the love between Women.
    3. Equality and Victory are Her gifts.
    4. The door and the fish hook are her symbols.
    5. She rules fire and sight.
    6. Sappho is the Occult, Illuminating I and the Natural I.
    7. Her colors are amber, olive, emerald green, violet and white.
    8. Her other names and aspects are:

      Egyptian: Hathoor, Nuit
      Greek: Aphrodite, Nike, Gandymede, Athena
      Scandinavian: Freya
      Roman: Venus
      Hindu: Kundalin, Lalita (sexual aspect of Sakti)
      British: Elizabeth

    9. Sappho governs the hips and legs as well as the sexual organs.
    10. Her results are successful.
    11. Dark blue and red are her colors.
    12. Her animals are cats, specifically the Lynx and Lions.
    13. Sappho's plants are the rose, myrtle and clover.
    14. Emerald, turquoise, and glass are her stones.
    15. The numbers 7, 14, 28 come under her rule.
    16. She uses the lamp and girdle, the censer or the aspergillus as Her magickal weapons.
    17. The perfumes that Sappho chooses are benzoin, rose, red sandalwood, myrtle, all soft voluptuous odors, and pepperwort.
    18. Damiana, the aphrodisiac, is the vegetable drug that She uses for love-philters.

      (Note:  Damiana is very dangerous.  Don't take internally, use on the skin, or breathe.)

    19. Her mineral drug is arsenic.
    20. She is the Vision of Beauty Triumphant.
    21. Morally, She is unselfish and unchaste.
    22. In the Tarot, She is the Star and the Empress.
    23. She likes sparrows, doves, swans, eagles and peacocks.
    24. She governs the South-west wind and direction.
    25. She gives and receives silver.
    26. She incites men and inclines them to luxury.
    27. Sappho causes marriages and business partnerships.
    28. She causes or interrupts sex and love.
    29. She creates all materiality that has motion.
    30. Sappho causes and takes away infirmities.
    31. Wednesday and Saturday are the day She rules.
    32. The Truth commencing with the words:

      And I am
              The Eternal Return
              The Proof of Everlasting Life
                I am Sappho

June 21, Fathers day, Summer begins and is appointed for the honoring of fathers.  This is the time to honor our fathers, brothers, sons, etc. and the "male" aspect/strength within ourselves.

SUMMER is the season between spring and autumn from the June solstice to the September equinox. In the northern hemisphere it is the warmer half of the year. Witches consider this a period of maturing powers.