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Magick Circle


witch11What you do or say during the Sequence of the Circle is up to the Women in the Coven and the circumstances involved. To write the exact words used are, under these circumstances, impossible. Whenever I left a Coven, I was instructed to write a new set of rituals. No two Covens perform exactly the same rituals and the same Coven never performs the Circle exactly the same way twice. After you finish reading my ritual, use it, find another or make one up to fit your group or you. You will find that after a while you will change the words and technique every time you perform the ritual. As a matter of sanity, pick a system of rituals as a base. You will never be able to build or center yourself without a basis of thought or without ever having made a choice.

If you acquire all the articles for the Circle, perform it thoroughly, like what you are doing and plan to do it again, then you can consider yourself a Witch of the First Degree. You should consider yourself a Witch of the Second Degree if you know all the rituals, you have completed research and some magick, and you still hold some kind of doubt of your abilities. For the Third Degree Witch, you know you are of the Third Degree and you share Witchcraft with others as a teacher.

The acknowledgment of the different degrees works best if you perform the rituals of Initiation; even if you work by yourself.  The rituals themselves impress the choice that you have made upon your physical and mental body.  The ritual presents you as a Witch to your Governing Self which assists in controlling your body and mind.