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There are four types of apparitions.  The first is apparitions of the living.  They are hypothetically evident in laboratory experiments using mediums.  The second is Crisis apparitions.  They occur up to 12 hours after death.  The third type, is the Postmortem apparition.  This type continues after 12 hours.  It is a ghost or a Continual apparition. 

I don't know who created this
but look at it for a few moments to see the Ghost.

Was my "presence" an illusion? Was it an appearance brought by my desire causing it to be hallucination? I have no verifiable evidence of paranormal knowledge.  I just know Nicky.  Humans nor animals saw my presence.  We don't keep clocks in the Circle, so I can't verify the time. 

The appearances of apparitions are explained as a result of methods used by clairvoyant and telepathic receivers who unconsciously gather data and dramatize it into a projected picture of the deceased.  This explanation doesn't explain the cases in which the medium doesn't know the deceased and the deceased is also unknown to the questioning sitter. 

The apparition of the astral body should have caused a reaction in Nicky's dog and cats.  Of course, there is another theory, and that is, that apparitions are not mere illusion and that apparitions are the deceased.