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Astral Projection


Astral projection, my other pet project, has always enticed me.  I assumed the Astral Plane was a parallel Space and or Time continuum, the collective unconscious, or a fourth dimension.  It occurred to me eventually that the Astral Plane was an old term for the realm of the visual imagination. 

I had experienced astral projection for the first time when I fell off the "Monkey Bars" in my neighborhood play-ground and cracked my skull.  I remember falling asleep on the way home on a bench outside our apartment after I had fallen.  I also remember my brother running to get my Mother.  I remember being in the hospital and when I awoke remembering the astral trip that I had just taken. 

I had been in a dark tunnel traveling, with no feeling of speed on my skin but knowing that I was traveling fast.  I was going through space, there were stars or bright spots within the walls of the tunnel and I knew to stay within it.  I then arrived at a place.  I don't remember getting out of the tunnel--I was at a place.  The place was like a clearing at the side of the road just before the forest starts.  There was activity behind me.  I get now, that the activity was in the hospital room.  I talked telepathically with a light being, a person, on my left.  The whole conversation was in my head and I didn't consider this odd at the time.  His back was to the forest.  I faced it.  I remember deciding that this was an old person of about 17 years.  I was about eight.  I gave it the sex of male because my pictures of how Jesus looked as a child.  Jesus was my only picture of divinity at that time. 

This being was going to talk to me but at first it allowed me to stand and feel the place.  I fell in love with forests.  I had not seen one until that time.  I had no concept of what a forest was.  Trees were those big leafy plants that were pleasant to sit under and hide behind when playing Hide and Seek.  Never were there more than three or four together.  I was born in New York City with no television, radio, newspaper or other universal communication convenience, other than books, available to me then.  I felt the grass under my feet.  I felt every blade and appreciated it for being it.  I felt the forest being alive and I felt every tree and bird and animal all at one time.  I was the forest and every alive and dead entity within it; it was also me. 

The young man said to me after I had satisfied myself, that I had to go back because I had something to do.  I experienced fear; and excited anticipation.  I awoke and remembered that I had been floating above the corner of the room looking down at me lying in bed.  I had a feeling of postponement of a job to be done, whatever it was, that I had to do sometime in the future.  I smelled the roses at my bedside.  They were the most beautiful flowers that I had ever smelled.  I know now that they could have been any flower.  I wanted to smell more of them.  The roses were the tools that I needed to bring me back to this reality.  The focus as it were.

Astral Plane

(c) Tim Humprey 1996

After that experience, I began to search through religions.  I wasn't raised in any particular religion.  I was not aware of what the search was about.  I had heard stories and there were the pictures of the saints and baby Jesus with halo's around their heads.  I found later that these were the artists' renditions of the pure aura found around these gifted persons.  There were stories of levitations and Witches and people being able to read minds.  Really.  The stories weren't just about stage magic either.  There were stories of people being able to move objects in other rooms and ghosts and demons.  The stories were everywhere.  I fell in love with libraries.  I found that the paranormal, that which is beyond the normal, was not confined to the religions.  It was a journey of almost 30 years to wind up with the answer: "imagination". 

To astral project, you focus your own energy inside yourself.  You must use some method of meditation to focus our thoughts.  I would say to myself at the start of a meditation sequence: "Locate a space in my right foot." Then I would wait for a feeling of feeling my right foot; maybe a tingling.  Then I would say: "Locate a space in my left foot." I would continue up my body to the space just above my head saying: "Locate a space just above my head.  At this space I carry a blue light so I shine as peace and can see where I'm going." Then I would wait to feel the light go on. 

If I don't feel sufficiently relaxed, I will focus my attention on my breathing rhythm to get more relaxed.  Not sufficiently relaxed means that when outside noises and inside irritants don't bother me.  Thoughts that I don't need at the moment, or an itchy foot or nose are outside irritants. 

Sometimes I think of the beach or the woods.  At some point in the meditation sequences, I will feel as I am floating in space, with the stars around me.  I will also be aware of my body in the chair.  This is expanding my own energy into the universe; spreading my aura.  I become one with it, by enjoying the sensations, feeling harmony and sameness with the universe. 

It begins like mental energy that leads to a physical-ness like a half sleep state that appears or feels physical such as that state when you are almost asleep but not awake.  It is not really physical and when you find yourself back in your body the journey doesn't feel real compared to feeling yourself sitting in the chair now. 

When astral projecting, you both see and feel yourself some place else.  It is like thinking while over here and imagining what it would be like to think while you are over there.  Then imagining that you are over there imagining that your non-thinking body is over there on the other side of the room where you left it.  Astral projection is learning to hold that experience long enough to take a look around and note what you see. 

When you see (look at something) when astral projecting, you see it as if you are looking at it with your eyes.  That is, you have the feeling that you are looking through your eyes although you know your eyes are closed.  The pictures that you see are not the same type of pictures you see when you think.  The harder you think--the clearer the pictures.  Close you eyes and think of a time that you were happy.  Look at how the pictures appear to you in your mind's eye.  That is how you will be able to see when you astral project.  It is not necessarily the same kind of seeing that you do when you look out of your eyes.  Accept it the way it is.  Can you even trust what you see out of your eyes as reality? As far as I can understand, both types of seeing are equally valid. 

To me astral projection is like a very deep meditation.  I use the steps of meditation for astral projection when experimenting with it in the waking state.  That is, not at the time when I am going to bed and giving myself self-hypnotic suggestions to astral project and to remember what I have seen when I awake. 

The self-hypnotic suggestions that I use are:

  1. Look for my hands in my dreams; to locate myself.

  2. Remember what the dream is about and my part and point of view in the dream.

  3. Recognize who I am in the dream.

  4. Look for something that I saw yesterday.

  5. Look for something that I have not seen before that I can find easily in my environment when I am awake.

Under such suggestions I will be able to know what is just a dream and what is not.  I will accustom myself to being outside of my body and the incongruity of the time during the projection state.  I will be able to recognize the projection state itself.  I will teach myself to concentrate and always center my attention.  I will teach myself to be aware of what is around me, awake or asleep, while looking around or just feeling vibrations.


(c) Tim Humprey 1996

I can't hold that the energy that I see when I look at an aura is not the same energy that I use during astral projection.  When I watch my daughter sleep I can see, sometimes by looking at her aura, that it disappears.  It appears to seep out of her as a foggy shifting red haze with neon points of blue light.  Then she appears to disappear and her being-space fills with an energy specifically made for the purpose.  This energy that has filled her space looks dark, darker than the darkness that is in the room around her sleeping form.  This place-holding darkness holds her aliveness like holding her space in line at the supermarket. 

When she disappears like that, not every night, she awakes in the morning with stories of strange dreams.  Some of them are symbolic and some are recognizable as reality.  No matter what the dream it always leaves a strong impression with her.  She says that maybe the disappearance is due to low energy that I can't yet detect while she is at rest. 

The Coven and I completed an experiment in astral projection on May 2, 1980.  I was to astral project, in this particular experiment, to Ontario, Canada to Nicky, a High Priestess there.  As it turned out, the experiment failed here.  We never got off the ground.  We canceled the experiments for a later date and another method.  We didn't call Nicky by phone.  What we did was to meditate on each problem with the purpose of not allowing the problems to worsen.  Nicky reported in her letter of May Fifth:

I was lying in bed when I felt your presence.  I didn't see anything but I just felt you there.  There seemed to be good will and a hello.  Nothing else happened and I felt okay so I went to sleep after your presence left. 

My thoughts projected to Nicky as if I were astral projecting.  They are the same except that at the time that I was projecting to her I called it meditation.  Therefore she did not see me; my presence.  She was looking forward to seeing an apparition of me that did not appear because I held my journey as a meditation and not an astral journey.  I therefore limited the amount of energy that she had available for a manifestation.  She held a confidence that she would see an apparition of me and therefore felt my presence.  She was willing to get what she got.