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Meditation and Trance


Meditation is another tool of Witchcraft. I used to go through the long sessions. I would get up at 5:00 a.m. and bathe. Then I would don an embroidered white robe that I had made for the purpose. It was my first for the Craft. Rain or shine, summer and winter, day after day, I would go into the living room to meditate. I would lightly sprinkle a salt circle around the meditation chair and myself. I had put the salt into a self-consecrated salt shaker to facilitate sprinkling lightly as I had a brown velvet carpet on the floor. I figured that it was the intention and not the amount of salt that would protect me from the demons of the outer world. I later found that these demons were the negative fantasies of my mind. I guesstimated that this lightly sprinkled salt Circle would protect me as my heart beat wildly with fear that maybe I'm wrong.

I would recite a prayer while I made the Circle. I would read one at first. Then when I became bold, I made them up on the spot. I would then sit down in the plush green chair to meditate. I did all of this before waking my young people for school and getting myself to work on time.

The instructions said to "clear my mind." Although I had read this statement many times, no one had made it real for me. What I learned from all of this sitting is this: clearing my mind meant sit and worry for a while and then listen for the answers. Now when meditating, I sit and worry. Sometimes I even plan what I will worry about. I make sure that the worry time does not go over fifteen minutes and that I worry only once a day. I use the kitchen timer; worrying can easily get out of hand. When I plan what to worry about, I am usually very busy in the rest of my life. Otherwise, I just worry for 15 minutes on whatever comes up to worry about. When a worry comes up during the day I write it down so I can worry about it tomorrow. Why worry today when you can worry tomorrow? Tomorrow I look up the list and sit and seriously worry. At times I may use a pencil and paper to assist me.


dolphmedDolphin Meditation
(c) 1977 Atmara Rebecca Cloe


I don't use the salt circle anymore. I use and egg of light made in my imagination that I place around my body accompanied by one of my instant prayers. I don't worry at 5:00 a.m. anymore but I do make sure that at some time during the day I worry seriously for fifteen minutes. I do this during those wasted times of the day. I do not worry in the bath. Baths are for healing the body and mind and not for worrying.

After worrying, I then do experiments. Some, like astral projection are ongoing experiments with me for many years. I do practice these experiments almost every day, but none of them involve long sequences of ritual.

At the end of every meditation session you must give thanks for what you have that works and is good for you. What I do is list ten (an arbitrary number) every day, even if I've just listed them yesterday. You'd be surprised how faulty the memory is when trying to remember the good events in life.

The actual ritual of meditation is up to you. You could choose any method from any part of the world, and from any herstory of Women.

It is best to be aware of the perils of meditation and self improvement. One method of self destruction by over-doing self improvement is to deplete your physical body. Your friends may find that you have become a self-a-holic and you don't recognize it as that. They stop coming to see you; stop calling. You recognize your work as a job that must get done; you are improving yourself. You say to yourself: "If I work just a little harder, things will turn out okay. If I meditate for three hours instead of fifteen minutes I can accomplish astral travel (or whatever). I can sleep later or rise earlier, it's only three weeks." Except that if you do continue you will not be in any condition to know what you may have had to enjoy. Some people devote their lives to meditation or religion. Consider your worldly responsibilities, be aware of what you may have to lose before you devote your life to this path.

Do not become exceedingly positive. The middle way is the best way in any undertaking.

Thinking out loud in a positive manner is prayer. Community prayer is saying positivenesses out loud; positivenesses that have to do with the community. It is easiest to do out loud when the group picks a topic and then shares everything positive that comes up in their minds about it. Solitary prayer is accomplished in the same manner. Don't forget to say an occasional thank you even if you feel you are thanking yourself as the Goddess whom you are.

Of course, our universe is made up also of the negative; anti-prayers. As an occultist, you will hold that the Circle will be able to keep out all negative influences. It can keep negativity in also. The Circle can act like a time release capsule with influences going in or out of it; whatever you create.



Mediterranean Meditation


To create this theory as a reality in your universe you must use the Circle as a protective device. You can set up the light-egg in the morning when you rise. It is like saying a morning prayer of confidence:


You can set up this Circle when you feel positive too; to accentuate the positive.

Since mental energy is electro-magnetic in nature, you can deflect it. Deflect it with items of this material reality that would normally deflect or absorb electro-magnetic energy not usually associated with mental activity. I refuse to allow bad vibes into my computer, an item that could absorb electro-magnetic energy. So, in the room where I work I place bent nails, horseshoes, metal talismans, amulets and charms for protection. The mental energy placed within them acts as a magnet to draw negative energy towards itself and away from my computer.

When you are happy doing exactly what you like at your own speed there is always someone, until you become ruthless in eliminating them, who will tell you that you are on the wrong path.

It is for this type of negative influence that we make the magnetic drawing charms. The person who is always telling you about negative occurrences, and that you can't do whatever it is you wish to do, doesn't have too much energy herself. If you supply negative energy to her, then she gives you back more negativism. She pushes you for more energy to feed off, and then around the circle again.

I had a friend that started every phone conversation with: "Hello, what's the matter?" We separated naturally after a year or so because I kept saying: "Nothing." She got tired of hearing it and I got tired of "What's the matter". Keep the talismans and charms around after you've eliminated this type of individual because new individuals similar to the old will turn up now and then. Such is life.

There are of course many more vicious activities that can be directed towards you than a negative individual. Please match the spell to the strength of the mental anguish that the evil occurrence has caused you. You must give back no more and no less. You must make it unimportant and you must take the energy, the attention it receives, off it. By completing a ritual of protection, giving attention to the wrong, and then absolutely forgetting it, hastens relief of the anxiety.

This of course brings up thoughts again of retribution. Is a spell of self protection really a spell of retribution or isn't it? There are many decisions and thoughts that have to be answered. Be sure to be complete. Then trust yourself that you've made the correct choices.