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Precognition and Telepathy 


Prophecy or prediction, clairvoyance and the other voyances are a result of precognition. Your ability to use them are enhanced through meditation. If you involve yourself in the occult and you set the situation up anyway by a spell, are you acting according to fate, are you a tool of the Goddess? Or, are you causing the recognizant occurrence to happen and your precognition is a fantasy. How can you account for precognition and prediction? This is a point to keep in mind when astral projecting, while meditating or sleeping. Look for yourself during these experiments. You will be able to alter the project that occupies you during these states so your physical reality will be changed to suit you.

A physics rule: If something is not forbidden in nature, it occurs. Therefore, effects coming before causes are not forbidden in nature.


© 1997 Slawek Wojtowicz


I hold that if we are the Goddess and not analogous to Her, then prophecy, reading the vibrations in the collective consciousness, is from the Goddess. Otherwise prophecy is a natural gift of homo-sapiens.

Song, used within the Magick Circle, is also a natural gift of homo-sapiens. Whatever turns up at the door is what we play. Sometimes we end up with a group of record albums, CD's, cassette tapes, guitars, violins, drums, guiros, kazoos and other assorted music and noise makers. What we may do is pile them up in a corner of the room on the floor and then sing lullabies and love songs, or hum and practice sonics or act out on-the-spot skits. The theory is: Whatever works, use it. Do not worry about reverence. You would not play at anything that you don't like anyway. If you don't like it, I'm sure the Goddess wouldn't either.

Telepathy is becoming aware of someone else's "vibes". Literally. Homo-sapiens have around their bodies an aura seen with the naked eye or felt as a vibration by those who are sensitive to its reception.