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Perception and Auras


When you are born, you have an energy field around you.  You could call it an aura.  An archaic description would be a halo.  Everything has an aura.  The difference for me is that humans have a space called the "Band" between them and their clothing and the beginning of the visible aura.  That is: there is a space between the clothing and the beginning of the aura because you are in them.  If you look at things not alive, like your clothing when you are not in them, or a table, then you will find no band.  The object exists with its aura and no band. 

The aura is a light emanation, a vibration that you sense as light.  The light can be felt through the skin.  I can sense different colors through my fingertips, and I use these descriptions that I feel during massage.  Telepathy and seeing auras are just other ways of sensing the vibrations of a person.  They are another yet different method of focusing your attention. 

You may use telepathy because the idea of mind to mind contact appeals to you.  You may not because you feel it is an invasion of yours or someone else's privacy.  You may decide to see auras because you want to get involved in healing.  You may decide to use both because you don't want to limit yourself in any way--Jack of all trades aside.  You must pick at least one system of awareness to be your center of concentration and focus and study.  The choice is yours. 

In the human, the input of energy is called the RAY, and the output is the AURA.  It is understood that there are seven different rays that may be found in different combinations in different people.  The ray remains the same throughout this lifetime.  It shows you the tools in your toolbox.  The aura shows what you are experiencing and what you have experienced.  The aura surrounds you in every direction.  It is three-dimensional.  This energy field (the aura) is made up of vortices that move in different directions and makes an elliptical, or egg-like, shape around the body.  There are horizontal as well as vertical energy fields.  These fields are made up of vortices within vortices within vortices that are of different densities. 

When I was a neophyte seeking admission to one of the Brooklyn Heights Covens many years ago, a High Priest said to me that one day I too would be able to see the light Circle that we had created and that surrounded the room like our own aura.  I thought that I couldn't see it-he described it as white-I saw gold.  I thought that what I saw was an optical illusion created by the candle light, after all, he was a High Priest, so I didn't see it.  I went through many years of trying to see what I already saw.  When I did see the light circle as gold, I still had not confirmed what I saw as the light circle.  I thought I still didn't see it.



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Then one day I said to myself: "Are you willing to see aura's? Then take what you get." So I set about constructively trying to see auras; learning to accept and trust what I saw.  My method was to want to see auras and then to be willing to get what I wanted no matter what the form of the getting was.  At this point, I didn't know what I was looking at.  Then I checked the library for the artistic view of auras, then the religious view, and then the occult view.  Then I talked to friends and acquaintances and read books on the subject.  As a result, I found confirmation and agreement in the universe.  I searched for the light that I would best be able to see the aura.  I have found that candle light and a dark background with no pattern works best for me.  I have found that sometimes a white background or some types of fluorescent lighting also works. 

To see auras, compare something and someone.  For the someone, look at them as they stand in a bright light with a dark background.  Use candlelight with any kind of background.  When you look at this person you will see what you have thought until now was the light bounding off their skin.  When you look closely you will see a space between them and the beginning of a yellow-white light.  The yellow-white light is like sunlight and contains all the light; the spectrum of light. 

If you look closer still, you will see that just before the yellow-white light and after the empty space the Band.  It's a bluish-gray strip of light.  It is the first strip of color in the yellow-white light band.  Coming away from the body there are other layers of colors reminding me of the old fashioned Russian egg-dolls that have one egg-shaped doll within another.  Just take off your glasses and let your eyes go slightly out of focus.  You can look directly at the aura if you don't focus.  There is no need to squint.  You should do some sort of short ritual as a reminder to yourself that you are making a conscious effort to have a start and a stop to the process of seeing.  If you don't have a start and a stop point, you will begin to experience hallucinations at times when it will be inconvenient to see them.  You can leave your glasses on in some rooms depending upon the light.  Glasses focus your eyes too much and cut down on the amount and type of light you can see. 

When you look at objects you will see there is no space between the object and the aura.  There are also, no color bands.  The aura for objects is orangy-yellow.  When you notice that you have begun to recognize auras you will see them everywhere in all lights.  Then you mind will tell you "it's only refraction of light." Do not listen to your mind.  Say: "Thank you mind," and keep looking.  I use various books on the subject to assist me in describing my universe.  The aura around my cat and my dog vary, like humans.  The aura around plants is red.  The aura around trees and plants appear to follow the movement of the plant just a split second after the plant moves in a breeze.  Animals and people carry their aura with them.