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Some Women receive their experiences of voyance through a visual mode of reception (clairvoyance). Some receive through their ears (clairaudience). Others just "feel" what is going on around them; they know what is going to happen and when (clairsentience). Using clairvoyance requires practice. The practice requires trusting yourself to believe that the images that you "see" are genuinely there within your mind. You may, instead, experience seeing them as being outside of yourself or within your head or behind your eyes.

To be voyant or to make yourself a better receiver, all you need to do is go back to being a child in your mind and remember when you could see pictures in the clouds. That's how you do it. I sat many hours over the course of many years looking into my crystal ball and not trusting what I was seeing. My life lightened up with this magnificent piece of enlightenment. "Aha!" I said, then decided to investigate clairaudience. I sat in an outdoor cafe in Manhattan's Greenwich Village, in New York City, and had a Sitter ask me a question. I then told the sitter to be quiet while I listened to the crowd and took notes. I sat and picked up pieces of conversations as people went by. I made the pieces into a story for the sitter by listening to the conversations that were going on in my head about what these people around us were saying (kibitzing). Then I repeated the conversations from my head aloud. It worked out very well.

the magic crystal

The Magic Crystal by Sir Frank Dicksee


I then went back to my Tarot Cards and looked at the pictures. They looked different. I was now seeing all kinds of pictures within the pictures. All I could do was to trust myself to say what was necessary for the sitter to hear.

I used to set the time duration of a reading saying: "This reading is for 28 days." Every now and then the result would become apparent about two years later. Then, as I did more readings for more people, the time of completion began to vary from one reading to the next. Even so I kept saying 28 days. I could not really tell the sitter when something was going to happen. I said to myself: "So Raven, what good is a prophecy if the prophetess can't put a date on it?" Our universe is dependent upon our interpretation of time. When the problem became acute I happened to attend a seminar. At the seminar I was directed to imagine a ruler in my mind's eye, have each inch represent a day, month, year, etc. Then I was directed to see how far the event went down the bar before it disappeared.Time was the difficulty that I had to overcome before changing my perspective of the universe. I had to learn how to account for it. At first I just imagined a clock when doing a spell; a healing spell for instance. Then I would speed the clock up as I imagined the healing process speeding up.