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 Sequence of the Circle 


  1. Talk over all magick and healing scheduled for the Circle.  All verbal teaching should be done now.

  2. Bathe in consecrated salt-water according to rank or age. Add new salt to the bowl after the baths.

  3. Anoint your body while concentrating on cleansing it
    closed positionTHE CLOSED POSITION

  4. Form a Circle of Women around the Altar or stand as a group in front of it facing North if it is against the North wall.  Stand in the Closed position while holding your Daggers.  The Closed position is with arms crossed over your breasts an your legs together.  The High Priestess stands to the right of the Kore.

  5. The High Priestess and then the Kore light their own Altar Candles.  The Handmaiden then lights all the rest of them starting in the East.  She also sees to the maintenance of the incense now unless she has designated someone else to take care of it.

  6. To create the Circle of Light with the Sword or the Dagger, purify the Elements, draw the Magick Circle and then purity the Magick Circle with purified elements.

  7. Invoke the Mighty Women of the Four Quarters of the world.

  8. With the Pentacle touching your body somewhere and without a sound, dance to exhaustion or make love to yourself, or someone else.  You could do all of it if you wish, but do not reach orgasm.  (This is optional in a group circle and definitely out when children are present.  When children are present, use music or a chant instead for the Dance.)

  9. Draw Down the Moon into the Kore or one of the Women present.

  10. Give a Libation to the Goddess and to the Women of this world whom you have met that you would like to toast.

  11. Consecrate any new articles and perform any other rites desired.  Complete the sexual activity of the Great Rite if appropriate.

  12. Cakes and Wine, "Dinner", is now in order.

  13. Close the Circle.