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The Dance


Within the Serpentine Grove, we perform the Dance with music. We spin so we are spinning on our own axis while going around in a circle; resembling a spiral. Other times we will hop or skip like little girls as we bang drums and tambourines or play flutes or other instruments. Sometimes we perform the Dance in silence.

If we do use words, then most often we use one or the other of those listed below. Repeat them until the chosen Witch for the Ritual of Magick or the High Priestess says "stop".




Let us skip.
Let us spin.
Let the Witches rite begin.



Thrice about the altar go,
Once for Virgin, pure as snow,
Once for full moon's soft sweet breath,
Once for dark moon, old as death,
Thrice about the altar spin,
That the rite shall well begin





Darksome night and shining Moon East,
then South, then West, then North.
Harken to the Witches Runes
Here come I to call Thee forth.  

By all the powers of land and sea.
Wand and pentacle and sword
Be obedient to me
Harken ye unto my words.

Scourge and censer,
cords and knife
Powers of the Witches Blade
Harken ye all unto life
Come ye as the charm is made.

Queen of Heaven, Queen of Hell
Queen of Earth, and sea, and night. 
Send Thy aid unto the spell
Work my spell by magick rite.

By all the powers of land and sea
By all the might of moon and sun
As I do say so mote it be
Chant the spell and it be done.

Substitute the next line for the last line at the end of the second repetition:

"And I do say it shall be done."