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The Truth






        Nightshade, Diamond, Salt

        Empress of the Universe


Gladly I give myself

        I am nothing

        I am all



        O Mighty Mother

        Your touch is Death

        Your smile is the newly growing mountain


Your Breast accepts

        Always renewing life

        With anguish and with joy


Build with me

        Lovely Goddess of the Night

        Erect your Temple

        With my hands


Ondrastia of the Harvest Your hands that are mine

        Poetry of my hands

        Create a Universe of Sufficiency

        Here and Now


Both edges of the Double Ax are yours

        To purge and to build


Ondrastia of the Garden

        Reap the chafe into the fresh air

        Glean for the new seeds

        Plant my heart with yours


And we will give birth to love

        And start the cycle anew

        And aliveness will be a wonder in our eyes 

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And I am Pasiphae

        All life erupts from my waters

        I am the Sea of All Births


I am She who becomes pregnant with creation

        You exist within my mind

        You exist within my materialness

        I have kindled life within you


I am the Source

        The Zero and the Twenty

I am the Ocean of Consciousness

        That has lead you here

I am Pasiphae

        From Me you have taken your form

        I have taken My form from you


Woman of My Soul

        Come play with Me

        Come dance in the Sunlight

        Come love in the Moonlight


Mate of Infinity

        Temple of my body

        Embrace the body of My mind


I am the Consoler


You are the Creator

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There is Me

The Mother Pelea

        I exist

                in mind

                in matter


I occupy space

        the space within Myself

        the space of My physicalness

                As apart from My surroundings

                As My surroundings are apart from Me


All of My surroundings are My creation

        I interpret them as I would like

        I created them to interpret

        I created Me to interpret them

                I created them in the comprehension of My mind

                I created them in the physical to comprehend


For every sense of My physicalness

        There is something for Me to satisfy the use of it with


For every imagining of My mind

        There is an idea already in the universe that I can broaden


For every experience that I have

       I have created that experience

        I have created Me to experience it

        I have created Pelea


We are one

        The same being

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And I am Woman


        Youth and quest

        Ideas and illumination

        Enlightenment itself


Maturing child

Young adult

        Magickly Alive

Today's loaf of bread

Tomorrow's Promise


Creativity and Knowledge

And the fountain of learning

And continual change


My life is within you

        The birth of new thought

        The sight of all things new


You are Me

        You are the Inspiration

        You are the Experience

And we are life

        We are love

        We are knowledge

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You call me Ariadne

        Lady of the Heavens

                new concepts

                new attentions

                new life


I am called by you Ariadne

        The Giver of Fresh Fruit

                Fresh Air

                Fresh Love


I call Myself Ariadne

        With this name I can understand all of creation as my creation


        Through the harmony of knowledge

        Through the unity of Woman

All of creation can understand me as the Creatress with this name


        I am all things

        I have created you

        I have created your memories

I am limitless


        I am no thing at all

        I am everything


I am you


And We are above none

        and below none

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And I am

        The Eternal Return

        The Proof of Everlasting Life

         I am Sappho


The Crimson Disk

The Phoenix and the Lion



My physicalness is the sun

That which nourishes the universe


I follow your path as you follow mine

Women are my life

        I bring you your own Magick


You are the Risen Star

        You are the White Dove of the Night Sky

                You are Sappho


We are beginnings and endings

        The Cauldron and the Grail

                We are Woman

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I am the clear green of water

        and the green waving new grass

                The wine of the pasture

                        To be reborn

                                I am the new seed



I am the fluidness of a birds flight

        and the romance of a stars beauty

                The regenerating, recirculating sea

                        To give you life

                                I am imagination



Through the clear water of your eyes

        you can see all of me

                A mirror of mortality

                        Behold your transience

                                I am conception



With the water of your mouth

        you can taste all of me

                The cauldron of rebirth

                        Essence of Immortality

                                I am perfection



And with the warm gentle water of love

        we are rich with brilliant life

                One not without the other

                        The Prophecy has come

                                I am structure










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I am an egg

        of the Universe Fire and Air

Choice and freedom

        are my gifts to you

I am life shining


Mind and emotion

        Earth and water come

                from my hands to yours

My heart is the volcano

You are the Creatress Diana

        The Woman

        The Circle


I am the top of a mountain

        and the depths of the sea

                The Earth of this Earth

                Bursting into life


Together we are one

        The ovulation

                of the Mountain Mother

                        Earth Goddess

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